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United States Embassy/ Peace Corps Cameroon rewarded Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit in the Kribi city

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit Receives the US Embassy/ Peace Corps Cameroon Best Excellence Award.

The public health expert, Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit, has been offered the best Excellence Award for his contributions to the development and implementation of preventive approaches relating to infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, etc.) in Boyo Division NW, Cameroon.

Presiding over the ceremony, the United States Embassy/ Peace Corps Cameroon Country Director, Mark Orlic, “praised Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit for his active, productive, and excellent public health infectious disease prevention works, as well as his communication, relationships, and adaptation to Cameroonian culture.”

According to the director, they give this award for the successes achieved in the efficiency improvement of the preventive approaches related to the infectious disease on patient care services and inter-service consultations in the Fundong District Hospital in the Boyo Division.

The Peace Corps public health program manager, Mme, Ngoube Sylvie, “said the ceremony was a reward to Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit for his extraordinary work, towards the improvement of the efficiency of the infectious diseases on patient services and redesigning proficient standard procedures of patient physical assessment within the Fundong District Hospital.”

She added that “Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit contribution and valuable experience provides a simple example of the positive results that the United States Embassy through the Peace Corps Cameroon can bring about inefficient infectious disease response.”

In his remarks, Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit expressed gratitude to the director, Embassy/ Peace Corps staff, and colleagues, to be chosen among several qualified foreign candidates and be offered the best Excellence Award for his contributions towards designing and implementing various public health community infectious disease programs.

However, he dedicated his best Excellent Award to the hospital nurses and staff who worked under his supervision to provide Boyo community members with adequate health care services.

During the occasion, Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit presented his new written infectious disease books, which he said would encourage people, especially the African communities’ population, to adopt proper preventive measures against harmful infection diseases, therefore promised to come back soon to promote those books to the Cameroonian population.

Present in Kribi was Pam Kazi, who is the Consular officer at the foreign affairs embassy, dignitaries, colleagues, and dance group to grace the occasion.

Eric Dingon from Boyo Eyes News/ Fundong northwest Cameroon August 2016

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