The Consulting Aid Network (ICAN) is a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) incorporated in the United States under the IRS as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt corporation. 


Its main purpose is to enhance health promotion and awareness in rural and urban areas, improve the birth survival rates and welfare of African women, children, and families through the solicitation of funding and donations for medical, diagnostic, and training equipment and nutritional supplies to utilize for community health education and treatment. 


ICAN is incorporated as a tax exempt, non-profit organization in the state of Alabama and is a member in good standing of the Birmingham, Ala. Chamber of Commerce. 

ICAN maintains its financial records under required Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP) and meets all the non-profit operating and filing requirements of the IRS and the State of Alabama. ICAN is committed to being a good steward of the resources and funding provided by our generous donors and is governed by an experienced and active Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors Executive Committee

Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit, Founder and President of the International Consulting Aid Network (ICAN), is a leader and philanthropist who has made a significant difference in the lives of underprivileged people and their families throughout many African and Haiti countries. He has shown pragmatism and vision, humility, and humanity on this challenging journey.


Dr. Batsielilit works as a public health emergency management advisor (FEMA/CDC/HHS), an international expert consultant in public health surveillance, communicable disease specialist, healthcare administrator, and a community health coordinator for over 20 years and lives in Birmingham, Alabama. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the National Institute of Executives, a Master of Sciences, then a Ph.D./DHA in healthcare administration and public health from the University of Phoenix in Arizona.


 Dr. Batsielilit is an author whose work is focused on HIV/AIDS, infectious disease, telemedicine, race, and gender. He has published one book, False- Positive HIV Results: The Silent Issue in African Countries (2020), and plans to publish three more books, Telemedicine Services: An Argument for Use in African, USVI, and Haitian Healthcare Systems (2021), COVID-19: Delusion and Denial in Africa, Haiti, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (2021), and Managing Common Persistent Infectious Diseases in Africa (2021). 


Dr. Hugues is a member of the Army Medical Veteran Associations, Peace Corps RPCV Associations, the Nonprofit Association of Alabama, the Red Cross, the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, and the American College of Healthcare Executives. 

 Dr. Inez S. Ragland- Vice- President  in charge of Education & Outreach Programs  is CEO and founder of Sustainable Solutions/ Papers and Documents a consulting agency dedicated to assisting individuals and families seeking health benefits on the local, state, and federal levels. Dr. Ragland feels that we can all be successful if we share our knowledge with each other.

Dr. Ragland’s past experience and successes have included work in the social service area in the fields of gerontology, child and family services, domestic violence, and mental health and mental retardation.


Along with the work history, she experienced internships at the Alabama Department of Human Resources, Anniston Alabama, and a counseling internship at Regional Medical Center’s Psychiatric Ward., Anniston Alabama. With over 25 years of communication between businesses, clients, and customers to get projects done, Dr. Ragland has experience in team building, professional development, strategic planning, as well as networking, and collaboration.

Affiliations include The Jacksonville Arts Council, Jacksonville State University Alumni Association, University of Alabama Alumni Association, Kingdom Place Ministries, Alabama Education Association, Kappa Delta Epsilon, and Kappa Delta Pi Honor Societies. Dr. Ragland’s education includes an Ed. D in Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. She earned an M S. Agency Counseling, a Bachelor of Social Work, and a BS in Psychology at Jacksonville State University.               Dr. Ragland is a skilled communicator able to synthesize and deliver complex information to diverse audiences.  Computer literate with basic sign language skills, adroit public speaking, and proficient writing skills.                                                          


Rev.Pastor Rogatien Nze, Vice President and Senior Logistics Manager, directs the overall operation and oversight of the logistic transportation of all shipments of donated supplies and equipment from the United States to Africa countries. He is the CEO and President of Cat & Equipment Incorporated, heavy equipment, and trade Company in Florida. He is also the founder and CEO of the International Salvation Source Mission.


Iris Vasquez, Secretary, and Senior Advisor is a social worker by profession and has applied this training in other sponsorship programs. Iris Vasquez is passionate about motivating youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to access quality education and believes the ICAN scholarship program has provided significant benefits to young people in several African and Haitian countries. Iris Vasquez holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in social sciences from the Universidad of Puerto Rico.  


TaShauna Jones, Treasury, and Senior Advisor is a native of Mississippi with a B.S. Degree in Biology from Alcorn State University. She currently employed with the Department of Veterans Affairs, serving as an active member of EVAL 2020 (Emerging VA Leaders) and PWD (People with Disabilities) Committee.  


Eugenie Balogun, Senior Advisor in charge of foreign relationships, holds a master’s degree in Human Resources from Webster University. She has developed and led a variety of strategic instructional material and planning projects throughout the African countries. She is a crucial planner for developing an efficient process of employee relations, training, planning, monitoring, and communication outreach with ICAN partners.  


Eliane Nguili, Administration Manager in charge of Regional Office for Africa, leads a team of 50+ staff as they carry out community health programs, young education initiatives, community HIV/AIDS initiative, and income-focused economic intervention for impoverished people. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of

Omar Bongo, Gabon.