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How can you get involved?

Corporate and Organization Partnerships​

At the International Consulting Aid Network (ICAN), we love developing partnerships with companies and organizations thrilled about what we do as we are. Our projects create sustainability and have been helping the underprivileged population in several African and Haitian countries, and we are ready to inspire you.  

Education and Healthcare​

There are lots of education and healthcare charitable organizations in Africa, and we have been fortunate to have collaborated with wonderful volunteers who, on our behalf, have arranged things such as fundraising and donation events, food distribution events, and ward sales, to list but a few.


We carry out primary, secondary, and university education projects and support scholarship programs in several African and Haitian countries. Our organization might be your chosen charity of the year, for a term or maybe a one-off project implementation.


If your organization would like to hear more about our education and healthcare works with the Africa and Haiti countries, contact a member of the ICAN organization team–we would be happy to tell you more!  



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