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Medical Equipment Needed

Infant Incubator

Newborn Cribs/Bassinettes

Birthing Beds

Delivery Room Equipment

Anesthesia Equipment

Electric/Laser Scalpel

Surgical Equipment

Forceps, Scissors

Portable X-Ray

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Pulse Oximeter

Infant/Adult Fans

Blood Pressure Cuffs


Lab Incubator

Anesthesia Machine

Electrocardiograph Machine 

Echocardiograph Machine 

Basic Dressings 

Bed Linins, Towels

Monetary Donations to Purchase Small Items or to Defray Shipping Costs for Large Items Accepted

1-Medical equipment pictures 03-18-2022.jpg

Your Cash donation will also assist us to provide special nutritional supplements and anti-malaria treatments to the needy pregnant women and children of Africa

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Donations are 100% Secure & Tax Deductible

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.

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