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Our Mission

ICAN's mission is to help the underprivileged African population by improving healthy communities and decreasing health disparities. Through the continuity of care advocacy strategies, the organization promotes a variety of mechanisms for networking, collaboration, and information exchange, enabling volunteers to work together to leverage resources, improving education, health promotion, and awareness in urban and rural areas, enhancing the birth survival rates and welfare of infants, children, and women. Also, ICAN donates health equipment, promotes access to free or low-cost care, and supports professional development. 


ICAN will carry out this through working collaboratively with African leaders, stakeholders, administrators and staff of medical clinics and hospitals, and international organizations to improve access to free or low cost, high-quality care, and treatment.


ICAN and its board members are committed to establishing different studies, surveys, and research designed at providing practical data and solutions to factors affecting the delivery of quality health care and improving the health conditions in Africa, particularly for pregnant women, newborns, and children. 


While health conditions in the African population are horrendous, the conditions affecting our targeted population are overwhelming. The 2012 World Health Organizations Africa Report showed that:

Africa has the highest neonatal death rate in the world.19 of the 20 world countries with the highest maternal mortality rates are in Africa, with a shocking death rate of 91 per 1000 deliveries. The death rate for children under 5 years is 171 per 1,000.


Maternal/Child HIV is among the #1 disease in Africa, affecting 60% of African babies born. 90% of the world's Malaria cases affect Africans—the majority in children under 5. Basic sanitation needs are non-existent in many areas, with only 58% of the people having access to safe water.

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love for humanity.


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