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The Rocky Heights Print & Binding and Amazon has just published Dr. Batsielilit’s COVID-19 book

Until 2019, most people had not heard of coronaviruses. The SARS-CoV-2 strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in personal lives, disrupted school attendance and the social and emotional development of children; been at the core of political debates, and even caused fights. It has proven to be the most divisive public health disaster of our time.

Although having fewer cases and deaths than other countries and continents, Africa, Haiti, and the U. S. Virgin Islands have experienced difficulties due to compromised and insufficient healthcare infrastructure, hospitals, and clinics still in the throes of recovery from natural disasters, and funding that is never enough. COVID-19 has presented challenges to the economic and social survival of these areas, which may take years to overcome. Lessons learned from this first wave of the virus, will be critical to recovery and successful response to any other pandemics that may occur.

Dr. Batsielilit, covers the breath of challenges that surfaced with COVID-19, and offers salient recommendations to address another wave, variants, and any future pandemic that may occur.

“COVID-19: Africa, Haiti, and the U.S. Virgin Islands: The Response, the Aftermath, & Future Projection's

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