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Community Development and Project Funding: Fundong town, NW, Cameroon.

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Community Development and Project Funding: ICAN organization reinforce the economic capacities of poor women in the Fundong town, NW, Cameroon.

The president and general coordinator of the International Consulting Aid Network (ICAN), Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit, reinforced the economic capacities of women living in poverty in the Fundong communities, NW, Cameroon by the delivery of checks and certificates of appreciation.

The checks of a total value of 500,000 CFA (1000 dollars) were given to 5 women’s associations and individuals presenting community projects focused on improving agricultural productivity and the health of women from the communities.

In the Boyo Division, women represent a staggering 70 percent of those living in poverty, and their basic needs had yet to be addressed by local and national authorities.

Representing the municipal office of Fundong city, the 1st Deputy Mayor thanked Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit for the generous donation.

He then explained to the beneficiaries, they have been chosen because of the character of their community associations and invited them to use those checks for this purpose only.

And concluded by informing it of collaborative research projects undertaken by the municipal office through his technicians to help them in their project implementation.

Echoing that sentiment, Dr. Hugues Batsielilit said the checks are direct support to women who continued to work under harsh and discriminatory conditions, even they are the primary engine of the economic development contributing to the decrease of poverty in the Fundong Communities.

As he noticed, in many African countries he had worked with, women are the main workers and producers in agriculture, but the distribution of the wealth produced was still not balanced between men and women. Despite awareness and setting standards, very little had changed in the actual lives of most women.

Then added more financial supports, including technical training, will be provided to the women’s associations once the new fiscal year expenditure projections are established.

The ICAN’s community development and project funding assistance were instituted over four years ago by Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit to offer women living in poverty access to needed funding and technical training resources, either to start or improve existing businesses.

Success has crowned the projects, and for this year, they have chosen Cameroon, but for next year the selected African Country will be announced at the annual meeting of the organization that will take place in January 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama (USA).

Fotso Patricia August 31, 2015.

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