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Togo, Lomé – Philanthropy: The International Humanitarian Organization (ICAN) President and Founder

Togo, Lomé - The international humanitarian organization ICAN, via its President and Founder, Dr. Hugues Fidèle Batsielilit, donated food and supplies to less privileged children living in the Foyer Antonio home, Daugbessito (Canton de Zanguera) on Friday, January 14, 2022.

Prioritizing nutrition and health donations included ventilators, 50 kg bags of rice, boxes of oil, 25 kg bags of corn, 25 kg bags of beans, cartons of spaghetti, cartons of sardines, cartons of tomatoes, 50 kg bags of sugar, boxes of soap, cartons of toilet paper, and boxes of sanitary pads.

The donation ceremony saw the participation of Kamaga-Sogah Tiadeba-Jacqueline, Executive Director Katty Affo, Head of Social and Education Activities, and staff of the home centers.

Kamaga-Sogah Tiadeba-Jacqueline expressed her gratitude to Dr. Batsielilit and his organization, declaring that this donation was timely, given the socio-economic COVID-19 crisis prevailing in the country.

Asserting the donation will offer the children hot meals and necessary comforts for months to come. Likewise, Katty Affo, the Head of Social and Education Activities, presented her thanks to Dr. Batsielilit and stressed that the generosity of ICAN’s President and Founder brings relief to their center.

ICAN’s president saluted the leadership of the staff to promote and protect the rights of impoverished children. He noted that child poverty and children in vulnerable situations are significant issues across African countries and recognized that this donation was a small gesture, but that his organization wished through this contribution “to express solidarity with the Foyer Antonio home, to help the nonprofit organization with its most urgent needs.” He further took this opportunity to give words of comfort and support to the children he met.

It is worth mentioning that the Foyer Antonio home Daugbessito is a center operating under the Jeunesse Antonnienne Togolese (JATO) nonprofit organization. JATO was created on June 26, 2004, in Lomé, Togo, with a vision to promote and protect the rights of children, especially those of minor girls on challenging socio-conditions.

The Foyer Antonio home acts as a multi-year boarding school for girls, during which they are schooled and engaged in socio-educational activities.

Created in the state of Alabama in the U. S. by its founding President, Dr. Hugues Fidèle Batsielilit, the ICAN organization dedicates itself to activities aiming to help poor people and improve their living conditions. Therefore, having as its code of honor social issues.

Noussoukpoe Kaur Affo, Tsévié New reporter- Daugbessito (Canton de Zanguera) Lome Togo.

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